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The best condos in central Pechersk of Kyiv for rent within 1 km from Gulliver

Is your office located in the very center of Kyiv ? Do you think about leasing an apartment in the center ? Then the best option is to rent an apartment within 1km from the office ! Your new apartment should be stylish, modern and in the most comfortable residential complex!

What can be considered for rent in the very center of kiev ?

7B Lesy Ukrainky blvr.


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One of the elite class projects of the Poznyakizhilbud developer which amounts 309 apartments on 16 to 29 story complex. It is a graceful building of red brick with excellent facade location and with incredible views . The elegance of the facade and the convenience of the location were appreciated by the owners of luxury boutiques , placing their stores on the ground floor of this building . The condo provides all range of standard services of an elite -class residential building including La'Zone healthy club & fitness center and a beauty salon. There is also a charger for electric vehicles in a guarded underground parking .

Apartments here feature 3m high ceilings and incredible views .


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An additional advantage of renting an apartment in a house on Lesy Ukrainky 7B blvr is the fact that the house was built in 2012 and today is almost inhabited. This fact will ensure a comfortable and relaxing stay in this house without worrying about the noisy repairs of neighbors and workers walking around the house .

1 bedroom studio for rent.

There are several 1-bedroom studios for rent at 7B Lesy Ukrainky blvr l . ukrainka 7b that are offered for lease for $ 1100- $ 2700 per month excluding utilities.


The level of rent depends on the design, the quality of the finishing, the area, the view from the window and the convenience of layout .

1-bedroom studios in this building are usually of 48-58 m2 area.


We picked several options for brand new one-bedroom studios in this house. All are offered for the first time, namely:

• high-quality, modern design in the Scandinavian style,

• completely ready for living with everything you need : all equipped with appliances, furniture, dishes and textiles.

• incredible views and best exposure

• monthly rental $ 1500-1650 per month.


7A Lesy Ukrainky blvr.


Condo at 7A Lesy Ukrainky blvr. is also a Poznyakizhilbud project, but completed a couple of years earlier. Accordingly, the apartments in this building are rented out longer , therefore, rental prices here are slightly lower. This 27-story building has 207 apartments. So, one-bedroom studios here for rent at a price of $ 900 - $ 1,500 per month.


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Jack House, 7A Lesy Ukrainky blvr.

The most striking project within 1 kilometer accessibility from Gulliver and Parus is Jack House , which was built behind 7A Lesy Ukrainky blvr. This is really a new generation residential building. It is futuristic and ambitious. In addition, Jack House offers a wealth of amenities including a rooftop lounge and terrace complete with BBQ . In general, everything for a vibrant life in the center of the capital . Renting a studio with one bedroom or a two -room studio here will cost accordingly more expensive: from $ 1600. to $ 3500. per month. Extra comfort costs extra money.

There are of course more modern residential buildings for rent within 1 km from the Gulliver office & shopping center, but only those we described here located in Pechersk and within easy walking distance from it . If you are looking for rental apartments for 1-2 people in the center of Kyiv, you can still consider Chicago concept house and Royal Tower in Goloseevsky district . But we will describe them in another article.


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