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I am often interested in real estate news abroad, I like to read news about celebrities, but in terms of their real estate. I often notice that the attitude of Western celebrities to their own real estate is no different from ours. They also love spontaneous purchases, they also overestimate the value of their real estate and then cannot sell it for a long time, and they are just as susceptible to all kinds of marketing tricks that help to sell even snow to the Eskimos. I decided to share news with you "from there". Firstly, it can also be interesting to many, and secondly, it is quite instructive, especially for owners of luxury real estate. If you are interested in this topic, write in the comments under this post.


Today I will talk about Demi Moore, more precisely about her real estate in New York. In 1990, she and her (then) husband Bruce Willis bought a penthouse in the south tower of an apartment complex called San Remo, which is located next to New York's Central Park. Well, you don't even have to talk about the view, you yourself can imagine.
I'll tell you about the penthouse itself. Approximately 650m2, plus a 140m2 terrace, a fireplace room with a 5-meter ceiling, a home theater, 6 bedrooms, etc., etc. By the way, the penthouse in the neighboring north tower is owned by the musician from U2 Bono, who bought it from Steve Jobs in 2003 ...


In general, they bought it for about $ 7 million. In the end, Demi Moore decided to sell this splendor in 2015, setting a fabulous, even for such real estate, price of $ 75 million. However, there were no applicants for 2 years. The star hostess, in despair, decided to reduce the price to $ 59 million, approaching the market price, and a few months later, a buyer was found who eventually bought the star penthouse for $ 45 million. By the way, maintenance services for the owners of the penthouse cost about $ 20,000 a month.


Once again, I am convinced that you cannot trample on the market rules. Objects with a price higher than the market price "hang", forcing their owners in the end to decline to the market price anyway. However, one more conclusion suggests itself: high-quality real estate in the city center always grows in price.
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