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Tenants with pets. To hand over or not to hand over?

Once I was approached by the owners of an apartment that they had been unable to rent for a long time. As always, having received my contact through the recommendation, they hoped that I would quickly solve their problem, but it was really hard.

Entering the apartment, I immediately understood what the problem was. Despite the fact that the apartment was in good condition, was located not far from Khreshchatyk, and it would seem that it could be rented out rather quickly, a sharp doggy smell was felt from the doorway. For a long time the apartment was rented by a family with a shepherd dog. There she also gave birth to puppies several times, in general, the canine spirit pervaded the whole apartment.

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It is important to decide whether or not to allow people with animals to rent an apartment at the stage of the very decision to rent an apartment. Why is this so important? Because this is not only a question of the preservation of the decoration of your apartment, furniture and other property, but also a question of relations with your neighbors. It's good if a well-bred dog lived with you before, who did not bother your neighbors with loud barking and howling, who did not terrorize the children in the yard and did not relieve himself where she liked. Most likely, your neighbors will expect the same from your tenants. What if you've never had a dog? What will be the reaction of your neighbors?

At a minimum, they will start calling you with complaints that you will have to deal with with tenants, and then - it is not known how far this can go ....

So, let's list the possible problems associated with living in an apartment for animals:

  • Spoiled furniture

  • Spoiled apartment decoration,

  • Bad smell

  • Remaining allergens

  • Problems with neighbors

I'm not talking about the fact that you cannot rent an apartment to tenants with pets. Can. But it is important to foresee all possible problems and register them in the lease agreement. As a rule, animal owners are well aware of what to expect from them and are loyal to such issues.

As a rule, when renting out real estate to tenants with animals, it is necessary to provide:

  • increased security deposit.

  • prescribe all guarantees of compensation for damage (not only to the apartment, but also to the staircase, elevator).

  • prudently remove all expensive pieces of furniture from the apartment, having previously agreed with the future tenant.

  • prescribe penalties in case of complaints from neighbors,

  • provide for the possibility of early termination of the lease agreement in case of violation of the sanitary condition of the apartment and entrance, as well as damage to the decoration of the apartment and property.

  • make a photographic record of all leased property as an annex to the act of acceptance and transfer.

From experience I can say that it is best to invite future tenants with a pet to a meeting at the apartment. By the behavior of the animal, you will immediately understand what to expect from him. If the animal is obedient, does not run around the apartment and does not start gnawing everything, then everything should be fine.

In general, I always advise my clients to immediately prescribe the need to obtain written permission from the landlord for an animal in a rented apartment. And also make this point one of the reasons for the early termination of the lease at the initiative of the lessor.

By the way, I rented the apartment I mentioned at the beginning of the article to an American family with a Labrador.

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