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Лучшие ЖК центрального Печерска для аренды в 1км от ТРЦ Гулливер

Image from the site

The best residential complexes of central Pechersk for rent 1 km from the Gulliver shopping center

Do you work in the very center of Kiev? Is your office located in the Gulliver or Parus business center? Are you thinking about renting an apartment in the center or are you already renting it? Then it is better to rent an apartment no further than 1 km from the office! Stylish, modern and in the most comfortable LCD! After all, we live once)

What can be considered for rent in the very center of Kiev?

 Lesi Ukrainka 7b.  


Image from the site

One of the elite projects of the developer Poznyaki ZhilBud for 309 apartments ranging from 16 to 29 floors. A representative looking red brick house with an excellent front location. The elegance of the facade and the convenience of the location of the house were appreciated by the owners of elite boutiques, placing their shops on the 1st floors of this house. In addition to the standard services of an elite class residential building, the building houses a La'Zone Healthy Cub club fitness center and a beauty salon. The guarded underground parking has a charging station for electric vehicles.

The apartments have 3m ceilings and beautiful views from the windows.


Image from the site

An additional advantage of renting an apartment in a house on L. Ukrainka 7b is the fact that the house was commissioned in 2012 and is currently almost completely inhabited. This fact will provide a comfortable and quiet living in this house without worrying about noisy repairs by neighbors and workers walking around the house.

1-bedroom apartments for rent.

It is possible to rent a 2-room apartment or studio with 1 bedroom on L. Ukrainka 7b in a finished state, but prices vary in the range of $ 1100- $ 2700 per month, excluding utilities.

Аренда 2х комнатной студио Леси Украинки 7б

The price, as elsewhere, depends on the design, the quality of the finish, the area, the duration of the renovation, the orientation and ease of planning.

Such apartments in this house are usually offered with an area of 48-58 m2 - the optimal area for 1-2 people.

Аренда 2х комнатной Леси Украинки 7б

We've handpicked the perfect brand new one bedroom studios in this home. All are offered for the first time, namely:

  • High quality, modern design in a Scandinavian style,

  • Complete readiness for living with everything you need: all equipment, furniture, dishes and textiles.

  • Successful orientation to the southwest and southeast.

  • First delivery

  • The rent in the average price range for this location is $ 1500-1650 per month.

Аренда 2х комнатной студио Леси Украинки 7б
Аренда 2х комнатной Леси Украинки 7б

Lesi Ukrainky 7a

In the meantime, there is no need to worry about it. ”

The house on L. Ukrainka 7a is also a Poznyakizhilbud project, but completed a couple of years earlier. Accordingly, the apartments in this house are rented out longer, therefore the rental prices here are somewhat lower. This 27-storey building has 207 apartments. So, a studio with one bedroom is rented here at a price of $ 900 - $ 1500 per month.


Google Map Image

LCD Jack House. Lesi Ukrainka 7c.

In the meantime, there is no need to know about it. ”

The most striking project within a kilometer distance from the Gulliver and Parus business center is the Jack House residential complex, which is located in the courtyard of the house at 7a L. Ukrainka. This is a real new generation residential building. Futuristic and ambitious. There is a rooftop pool and a terrace with a barbecue. Here and the security system and service at the highest level. In general, everything for a bright life in the center of the capital. Well, renting a studio with one bedroom or a two-room studio here will cost more, respectively: from $ 1600 to $ 3500 per month. The extra comfort is worth the extra money. But do not forget - the house was built in 2018 and is not fully populated yet ...

These, of course, are not the only houses within a radius of 1 km from the Gulliver shopping center, but only those that are located in Pechersk and within a convenient walking distance from it. If you are looking for an apartment rental for 1-2 people in the center of Kiev, then you can also consider Chicago and Royal Tower from the side of the Goloseevsky district. But about them - already in another article.


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