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Recently I read a review of the Dnieper region from one of the Kiev journalists and was outraged. The article said that the Dnieper region is “mud and water”. This made me very angry. But what about Rusanovskaya Embankment, and Nikolskaya Slobodka, and Poznyaki, and Lake Telbin, and the Riviera? Is this all "mud and water" too? Why generalize like that? Dnieper region is 66 km2 and about 330,000 inhabitants. Yes, there are not very prosperous places, but mostly, these are new houses, beautiful parks and the Dnieper with its beaches.

In this article, I would like to focus on the Levoberezhny massif and Nikolskaya Slobodka, two beautiful, modern residential areas located near the Levoberezhnaya metro station.

Residents of these neighborhoods can enjoy all the benefits of living in a resort town. There is a sandy beach on the Dnieper, floating restaurants, sports grounds of the Hydropark, and a well-groomed park along Rusanovskaya Embankment. In summer, these neighborhoods really resemble a resort area. People in bathing suits, slippers, with towels and inflatable mattresses are heading in crowds to the Dnieper, crossing Rusanovskaya Embankment. And about a dozen quality restaurants along the waterfront make this street a real “promenade”. I have never seen so many healthy lifestyle lovers anywhere in Kiev. Beginning in the early morning, young and old people go to the park for jogging, sports grounds with exercise equipment right on the street are almost never empty, and in winter the ice-hole does not freeze from the constant flow of walruses. And most importantly, all this is a 10-15 minute walk from the metro station and 4 metro stations from Khreshchatyk.

These neighborhoods are considered one of the most environmentally friendly in Kiev. The statistical indicators of children's polyclinics clearly show this. Clean air means less morbidity.

You say, there are difficulties with schools? Nothing like this. Rusanovskiy lyceum and secondary school №128 traditionally occupy leading places in the ratings in terms of the quality of education, the level of passing the test and the winners of school competitions. And in fact, the newly rebuilt school number 128 has now acquired not only modern classrooms, but also a large swimming pool

Real estate offers

Now let's look at the real estate offers in these neighborhoods. The neighborhoods themselves were built up at the end of the 70s. And since 2002, a new development of these territories began. Of course, now you can already feel the difference in the quality of houses built even with a difference of a couple of years. It is mainly reflected in the price level.

We will only consider new buildings. The main offer consists of residential buildings on the street. R. Okipnoi, Nikolsko-Slobodskoy and Lunacharsky. The last two streets of the older buildings, therefore, and the prices are lower here.

There is also a special offer on Levoberezhny - a residential building at R. Okipnaya str. 16. Here the rental price is several times higher than in other houses of this microdistrict. This is explained by the class of the building, the increased level of security and the quality of the apartments (area, appearance and decoration).

The lobby of the Riviera Riverside residential building at 18 R. Okipnaya

Apartments for rent

So, rent of one-room apartments in new buildings of the above-mentioned microdistricts will range from $ 350 to $ 900 per month. One-bedroom apartments here start at $ 480. The average price for a two-room apartment is $ 550-600 per month, although on R. Okipnaya 18, rent of a two-room apartment varies from $ 1200 to $ 2000. Three-room apartments in new houses on Levoberezhka and Nikolskaya Slobodka will cost $ 650- $ 1000 per month, however, three-room apartments on R. Okipnaya 16 cost almost three times more

View from the balcony of one of the apartments of the Riviera Riverside residential building at 18 R. Okipnaya

Sale of apartments

The sale of one-room apartments here is offered in the range of $ 1600- $ 2050, two-room $ 1480- $ 1870, three-room $ 1200- $ 2350 per square meter. The house on R. Okipnaya 16 and here is distinguished by a significant price superiority from $ 3100 to $ 3800 per square meter.

Sunset on the Dnieper. View from the beach of Rusanovskaya embankment

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