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In the first part of the article "How to rent an apartment to the embassy" I talked about in which parts of Kiev the embassies prefer to rent apartments for their employees, apartments with how many rooms are in demand and what design such tenants prefer. Now let's consider the issues that are in the power of the owners themselves.

Documents for an apartment for rent to the embassy

In the meantime, there is no need to know about it. ”

The main condition that the embassy's lawyers check first of all is whether the apartment is mortgaged and whether it is under legal proceedings. About 4 years ago, several people in black leather jackets burst into the apartment of an employee of one of the embassies of a European state through the roof. At that moment, the foreigner was in the apartment with his family and children. The men who broke in, not long understanding in a rude form, declared their rights to part of the apartment. It turned out that despite the guarantees in the lease agreement that the apartment was not under trial, the proceedings were clear for both the landlord and the tenant. Since then, "problem" apartments for rent have not even been considered by the embassy staff.

In addition, since the embassy's lawyers first of all check the ownership of the electronic register, it is important that the apartment be entered in the " State Register of Speech Rights on the Nerukhome Maino ."

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Furniture and equipment of the apartment


In 85% of cases, embassies rent unfurnished apartments for employees. However, this means that there must be built-in wardrobes (preferably a dressing room), the kitchen and bathrooms must be 100% equipped with household appliances. Landlords often ask if they need a tumble dryer for the washing machine. Embassies in most cases proceed from the assumption that the maintenance of employees is at the expense of their taxpayers, so all housing arrangements should be from their country. However, there are exceptions. Also, sometimes it is required to supply temporary furniture if there may be delays in the delivery of furniture by an embassy employee.

Also, often the embassy requires each large household appliance (refrigerator, washing machine, hob, oven, etc.) to be started with a separate machine on the dashboard and each signed in English.

Also, the embassy often sets individual requirements: the installation of a second metal door, special locks, child locks, special fences on the staircase from children, etc.

Terms of lease agreements for embassies

In the meantime, there is no need to worry about it. ”

With the growth of supply on the market, the demands of tenants change. And this applies not only to employees of embassies, but also to other expats. The main difficulty for many landlords is the fact that the embassy does not actually negotiate the terms of the rental agreement. Embassies operate on a take-or-leave basis. The edits in the text are possible minimal.


The lease agreement can be terminated unilaterally by the embassy, ​​but basically, only in case of force majeure or the severance of diplomatic relations with our country. The landlord usually does not have the right to terminate the contract or has, but with high penalties.


Previously, the security deposit was at least one month, but now it has become a rarity. Fortunately, this does not change the relationship between foreign tenants and other people's property, and usually there are no problems with compensation for damage.

Also, when setting the price of renting an apartment, it is important to take into account that foreigners pay only for utilities according to the meter readings (i.e. water, heating and electricity). Operating expenses, such as maintenance of the local area or the concierge, are best included in the rental amount.


Also, starting last year, landlords began to feel the competition especially sharply. If earlier the embassy put forward its requirements, signed an agreement and made an advance payment for the lease, due to which the owner could fulfill the requirements, now the embassy can make demands, and sign an agreement and pay the lease only at the entrance. Thus, the high supply affects. Today, one request accounts for up to 20 high-quality alternative proposals, when 5 years ago this ratio was 1: 5.



Why, given such high demands of tenants, such costs, is renting an apartment to the embassy so desirable? The answer is simple: regular payments pegged to hard currency, long-term contracts (from 2 years), responsible tenants who promptly compensate for damage, if at all.

In the meantime, there is no need to worry about it. ”

If you want to rent your apartment to the embassy or an employee of a foreign company, you can contact us by clicking the button below