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A lot depends on the quality of preparation of real estate for showing to potential tenants, because you have only one chance to please a potential tenant. Therefore, it is worth trying not to miss this chance. In this post I will try to summarize the basics of preparing an apartment for rent, although, of course, there are much more nuances of preparation. There is even a whole business called home staging, which allows you to raise the price of real estate by 10 to 40% due to the correct preparation for the show.

So, the most important:
1. An apartment for rent does not have to be prepared "for yourself". Forget about your favorite colors and patterns. Take the standard of world hotel interiors as an example. Everything is elegant, versatile, light and clean.

2. Cleanliness is the main thing.

3. Everything must be in order. 90% of tenants are very distrustful people, and even superstitious. Finding a broken switch, they become as incredulous as possible.


4. Down with all personal items. As a hotel, the main principle is that when a potential tenant walks in, he should get the impression that no one has lived here before.

5. Interior style. As calm as possible. The most demanded is the Scandinavian style (Ikea furniture fits perfectly into it)


6. Decor. The main rule here is not to overdo it. For one room - one accent (painting, vase, floor lamp), but only one.

7. The color scheme is as light as possible, since it makes the space wider. Accents are in contrast to the main color scheme. The most versatile are black items. They liven up the interior very much.

8 Prepare approach paths. Don't forget that your potential tenant will start evaluating your apartment from the yard. Therefore, take care of this in advance. The advice includes the elimination of unpleasant odors, unpleasant neighbors, debris in the stairwell and other evil spirits on the way to the apartment.

In the meantime, there is no need to worry about it. ”

9. Ventilate the apartment 30 minutes before the show and make sure that the apartment is warm during the show in winter. Remove pets completely (take them to the balcony as much as possible, but only if there is nowhere to put them at all).

10. Don't create a crowd when watching. Do not invite your loved ones to look at your potential tenant. This is very annoying for potential tenants and visually reduces the space, creating a feeling of being cramped. Behave in a polite and neutral manner while watching, don't talk too much, just answer questions.

This is just the bare minimum of what needs to be done to create the right impression. The more you do at least from this list, the more chances that your future tenant will like and remember your apartment.

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