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We picked several options for brand new one-bedroom studios in this house. All are offered for the first time,

Levoberezhka - one of the best places to live in Kiev

Kiev city center is a wonderful place to live but there are many other places in our city worth considering. Levoberezhka & Nikolska Slobodka - 2 areas featuring fresh air, river, parks and good public transport.

Heating season in Ukraine. When it starts and ends. Who to be prepared for this season.

The rental market in Ukraine is relatively young and doesn't yet have strict rules of renter-landlord interaction. It's possible because of this, that foreign first-time lessees sometimes find certain things strange. Further on we'll examine the main differences between the Ukrainian and foreign apartment rental market. 

The complex is truly unique for it's attention to detail and complexity. It was designed for internal infrastructure, the comfort of its inhabitants, as well as safety. Many call this complex a “concrete jungle.” However, this is the only shortcoming it has, sporting a garden full of exotic trees, and a swimming pool.

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